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Thursday, January 01, 2009

"You should write a blog that!"

Said my husband just a few minutes ago. What more encouragement do I need?

We just made two loans to third world entrepreneurs, $25 each. How much fun is that? And, better yet, it wasn't really my money. It was the best Christmas present! A Gift Certificate to I feel like an international financier! Spending money I don't even have to places and people I don't know. Sounds like big business to me!!

Kiva is an organization that makes loans to third world recipients. They're small entrepreneurial loans to people in third world countries. You just log onto kiva dot org and spend as little as $25 for a loan.

Nan Sieng my first investment. We supplied $25 of the funds for a loan of a few hundred to invest in her husband's blacksmith business. She wants to purchase some steel so he can make farm implements to sell to local farmers. My second international investment went to Morn Khun a 38 year old widow who wants to purchase a cow so she can breed cattle. We loaned her $25 too.

When these people succeed, they pay back the loans. At that time, you can withdraw your money or choose to invest in another 3rd world business person. And you can subscribe to an RSS feed and find out when the people have received the necessary funds. And of course, you my visit the site as often as you wish to invest in more people. Or to receive back your original funds and re-invest them.

An ingenious idea, I think. And what a great idea for a gift! Give people the pleasure of investing in others. Now that's high finance...and a terrific blog topic.

Check out Kiva, here!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I had no idea this existed. I'm sharing this with my husband.

PJ said...

I was totally surprised. My DIL surprised me with the gift. It was exciting!

Junebug said...

An excellent idea. I have two $25 loans out and they have repaid a lot of it. I am going to keep on re-loaning that money. I think it is a great thing that someone thought of.

PJ said...

Okay. My husband actually said "about that". My typo!!! (Makes him sound like a Neanderthal!

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