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Monday, January 05, 2009

Seeping Electricity and Other Public School Phenonema
Our school district is taking money-saving measures. This vacation we were required to turn off all electronic devices (computers, printers, etc). But since turning them off isn't enough, technology came through and unplugged them all as well. God knows, some electrical current might seep through that plug to the dormant machine.
Here's my letter to the new economy-minded Superintendent:

Physically unplugging every electronic apparatus seems a phenomenal waste of time. Today, first I crawled under the computer (literally, hands and knees on floor) to plug the computer back in.

Then this afternoon when I needed to print a document, (Please note: Not one document did I attempt to print this morning. Not one. Not one leaf of a tree destroyed. Not one penny from District coffers did I expend, unless you count the 4 squares of toilet tissue I used. The Kleenex to contain my sneeze, I purchased myself, but I did use district toilet paper) the printer was not working. I then discovered that the printer was unplugged. I headed under the computer desk once again and plugged in the printer.

Still not working.

So I restarted the computer. Perhaps it wasn’t reading the peripheral since it wasn’t plugged in when the computer started. (It happens sometimes). I turned off the computer, sat and waited for my computer, which is deficit in memory, (Poor thing. I can relate!) to log in again.

Still not working.

Just before calling for a computer tech, (I could hear the cha-ching of district funds going down the drain, so I persevered) I checked other cords. Ah! Yes! In pulling out the computer desk to plug/unplug the appliance, the connector cord from printer to computer was disconnected.

Once again…this is three times now (are you counting?), back to hands and knees. Fortunately, (though unfortunate for my dignity) there was a student nearby to whom I could hand the cord up through the back of the desk while I managed to assume an upright stance, recover my dignity, and plug in the errant cord.

An hour later, I was able to use the printer. (How many times was this scene enacted throughout the district?)

What a phenomenal waste of time and unnecessary wear and tear on my hands and knees!

May we please just turn off those pesky things without the additional unplugging? Does the electricity really seep through with them off? More than my dignity is worth?

Vacation is over!


truth said...

I read somewhere that electricity is used even plugged in-but much are we talking about????

Yesterday, my own dear husband queried mostly to himself, "I wonder just how much it costs in electricity for all of you girls to blow-dry and straighten your hair."

I very quickly let him know that it didn't matter one iota as we would keep doing it anyway. A girl's gotta keep her dignity.

ann said...

Oh WOW! You only use four squares of toilet paper? How do you do that?

I just read that another school district not far from us switched over to four-day school weeks to save money. It's a nightmare for working parents who have to find daycare, from what I understand.

Michelle said...

Oh goodness....Well, they won't be thinking that's such a good idea when someone wrenches their back and has to file for Workman's Comp! :)

PJ said...

I just learned that the hired hands who came to unplug everything also unplugged the Home Ec refrigerators. With several weeks worth of food inside!!! The teacher had to come in and inventory everything during Christmas break. There went the $22.95 savings and then some!!!! And that's only our school!

thislittlepiggy said...


I guess it sounded good in theory.

Hello, yourself! Drop by The Funny Farm any time. :o)

Ballerina Girl said...

back to reality, huh?!
I loved the little girls singing...just beautiful!
and there was also giving in our family this Christmas. Santa gave my son a laptop from the One Laptop Per Child initiative....this is where you purchase a laptop for your child and for a child in a third world country. Un fortunately you do not know where/who it gets sent...but I am pretty sure it was sent. check out the
Happy New year!

PJ said...

I looked for those but couldn't find them this summer when I bought the laptop. I'll mark that site. That's such a good idea.

marina said...

PJ coming by to wish you a very bless year, hugs marina

His Girl said...

that is wrong... but a great read. thanks for the chuckle.

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