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Sunday, January 04, 2009

National Anthem

I guess I'm just out of it. I didn't see the Cactus Cuties perform at the White House Christmas Brunch, and I didn't hear/see them on the Jerry Lewis Telethon. (Does anyone really watch all of that, anyway?) This is from May, 2008 at a San Antonio Spurs game, but a friend just sent it to me. Watch the little girl on the right at 1 minute and again at 1:39. Those are unreal notes for a 9 year old. And I guess she's been singing like this for several years. It impressed me!

1 comment:

ann said...

They are really good! It reminded me of the movie "Annie." I think I was in third grade when that movie came out, I was so envious of their beautiful voices sounding very much like these girls. Impressive!

And I like how they sang it more straightforward, as written. It drives me nuts when people sing the National Anthem but have to "make it their own" by changing the notes and what not. These girls did a fabulous job.

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