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Friday, February 23, 2007

Chemotherapy Update

I have four more infusions with two weeks of resting...that's six more weeks until chemo is over. Whew!! Then about 4 weeks of recuperation before the last of the surgeries to remove the port and temporary implant. Then...I should be well.

The chemo effects are building. Food is less tasty. I'm get fatigued more easily. But overall doing the infusions in small amounts is much better. (Other than my impatience to just "GET IT OVER" and get on with things).

This week I had lunch with friends, then shopping in some lovely boutiques. A regular "girls day out." We ended up shopping so long, we had dinner too!! I had a wonderful time. But the next day, I was so exhausted I could barely drag out of bed! It was fun, none-the-less!!

Today I'm going in to school for an in-service. I want to stay in touch with what's happening for next year. And I really am looking forward to getting back to teaching!!


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