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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Purge Continues

What is there about the dawning of a new year that impels us to analyze, organize, agonize over the meaning-of-life/mistakes-I-have-made/ways-I-am-sadly-lacking, etc.? There is nothing cosmically different about January 1 than July 1: one is past the winter solstice, the other is past the summer equinox. Yada Yada Yada.

Yet...there's that where-have-I-gone-wrong-and-what-can-I-do-about-it-? thought that just keeps nagging.

I think I'll just toss out that nag with the oldest item I found in my pantry...any guesses as to "best used by" date?????

If I were a really clever blogger, I'd run a contest and give that lovely antique "Hungry Jack" can as a prize. But no, I'm not so clever. The Hungry Jack can went into my "Salvation Army donation". It's crime? Hiding the box of Beignet mix for, ahem!! twelve and a half years! Nasty Hungry Jack anyway. Last time I was in New Orleans was in 1995 -- that's when I bought the stuff . . . at the REAL Cafe Du Monde...they have great French Roast coffee...and the beignets are great there too.

If you're into antique Hungry Jack cans (Don't know how old it is!! But older than 12 years, for sure!) try the Salvation Army Store!!! :)


P.S. I did throw the Beignet Mix into the dumpster. I thought only very briefly about trying it out to see if it would still work!!!


Mrs. Darling said...

Ive never even heard of Beignet mix! LOl

Yes, it does feel good to declutter and grunge out old cupboards!

PJ said...

Oh no!! You've never had a beignet??? They are a wonderfully light, addicting donut. A New Orleans delicacy. I've never been terribly good at making them (hence, the mix), but every time I'm in New Orleans, I vow I shall learn. But...haven't yet!! Maybe next time!!

His Girl said...

That is an awesome, awesome post!

My husband and I constantly are asking ourselves as we purge the clutter and junk out of our home, "what on earth is wrong with us???"

medicine that expired in '02? gas receipts from '93? why do we never throw anything away?

congrats on your efforts, it does feel so much better, no?

Jennifer Johnson said...

I LOVE the beignets from Cafe' Du Monde. They are little heaven cakes. Actually, we ate at the "would be" Cheesecake Factory in Chicago..near Michigan Avenue and I had their beignets and they really weren't bad. You can actually buy the mix in most specialty grocery stores (our Schnucks and Dierbergs have them) but I've yet to duplicate them. My father-in-law probably could, but he's been cooking Louisana style food for more years than I've been alive. :)

PJ said...

Thanks for the tip Jen. I can replace that mix without leaving Illinois!!!

I'll have to try the Cheesecake Factory's version of beignet...or better yet, you can bring your FIL here to make some for us!!!!

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