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Friday, January 18, 2008

Purging Continues







I mentioned my bathroom which was so bad it embarrassed me to show pictures. I was so pleased with the results of my redecorating/repaint, that I decided to show before and after shots. The bright green was done in 1999. Instead of the white corner unit there was a chrome rack on the wall. I didn't think of taking pictures until I had already removed the rack. We had also already changed out the old cabinet (circa 1965) for a slightly smaller one and exposed the nasty wall. That was when we put in the new tile last summer. When I first decorated, I was going for a 21st century look. All chrome and bright colors. It worked for the first few years. But 8 years is a long time for an electric green wall, but I could have tolerated that if the repairs this summer hadn't explosed the flaws -- wall damage where the trim and the larger sink had been. The yucky walls were driving me nuts!! A careful look will see that the trim along the floor has still not been installed, but Bismarck did such a good job repairing and painting the wall, I can tolerate the missing trim. (For a SHORT time!!)
P.S. My internet has been wacky at home. At work I can only lurk, no comments! And only very occasionally when I have lunch or break. My apologies.


His Girl said...

Hooray for a remodel! I know it feels GREAT to clean and purge. Kinda addicting, even! May you have internet revival at your home so we can see more of you soon!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh I love the new bathroom!

chickadee said...

you're bathroom looks great. love that color!

good luck with the money making things on the blog. glad i could help.

Ann said...

You know, the green is really cheery! I LOVE the new look though! Actually, that light blue is the same color I plan to do my bathroom in. Everything looks great!!

MommytoJonah&Jude said...

Love the remodel! It looks kind of like Julia's masterbath. She has a similar blue in her master suite. It's very soothing which is nice for a bathroom. :)

PJ said...

Thanks for all the nice comments.

The color is Sherwin-Williams called "quietude" After the bright, I wanted soothing. The accent color is "True Blue". We still have to get the white baseboard installed, but the bottom of the wall was repaired so nicely, I'm not overly anxious about it. Nice to get it finished though.

PJ said...

MommytoJonah&Jude, Hello!!! Good to see you. You'll have to come visit to see the re-model in person!

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