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Friday, June 27, 2008

This is a diverse family (I'm the red-head!)

Diversity or simply egocentrism re-packaged.

I've been sitting in a class this week. I've learned a lot, but not what I expected. Why is it that to teach teachers to teach more actively, we sit them in rows and talk to them? In this case, to teach us about diversity the prof is showing us data and giving a myopic interpretation of the data. He did not survey the class to see what course work or information we already had. Thus, people with Master's Degrees in psychology, sociology, education, etc. have sat through a review of basic principles of sociology, anthropology, communication theory, and educational practices. Sigh! And this is the precise thing he's instructing us about with our kids: don't teach down to them. Sigh again!

His egocentrism has no bounds. "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." -Epictetus. So he has spend all week in one-way communication with us telling us to teach using two-way communication. He's telling us to be sensitive of student needs while he has omitted breaks (Yikes! I needed that P-mate and a bottle to store the stuff in!!) and kept us waiting over an hour with our lunch sitting ready on the side table while he prattled on about something. insight. Are we all that egocentric?? Yeah. We probably are. My world and my point of view is most important to me.

What have I learned? If I want to be effective with my students, don't do what this dude just did!!! Good lesson, I guess. I must remember that God looks at my egocentrism and sees that if I get my view off myself, I'd do better at changing my world. Yeah. Good lesson.


dabrah said...

What a lovely family picture.

PJ said...

It's the reunion picture from last summer. The H family certainly looks like the United Nations gathering!

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