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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Since I was critiquing travelers on Monday, I suppose I should confess to my own recent sartorial errors.

Remember the day of the test? I mentioned that I got up at 4:30. Cognitively, I'm not at my best at that hour of the morning. I'm standing at my closet groggily contemplating, "What shall I wear?" I grabbed a tried and true skirt, long loose, comfortable, but I couldn't find the blouse I usually wear with it, a soft peach cotton knit. I'm going for comfort. So I picked another orange sleeveless cotton top. I'm thinking the testing room might be cool, so I'll put on a denim jacket just in case. It also dresses up the outfit a bit. When I donned the jacket, I noticed it felt really soft and silky inside. "I don't remember this jacket having a lining," I thought in passing. But dashed to the computer to print out the directions and left. Did I mention I got up at 4:30 a.m.?

Fifteen minutes later, I noticed that the top was ORANGE, no even close to peach, but blazing bright orange. Okay. Doesn't match the skirt with taupe, green and a peachy-pinky color. But I have the jacket to cover. I continue mentally practicing my Spanish.

After I'm seated in the testing room, I begin to get warm. My attempt to take off the jacket was hampered by....what??? another blouse stuck inside the jacket. I'm in a small room of about 20 people struggling to get out of a denim jacket and still keep the "other" blouse inside and unseen. I sort of succeeded. Covertly checking the room, I don't think anyone has seen my dilemma. I get a bathroom pass, take the jacket with the offending blouse inside so I can stuff it in my rather large purse. So....for the rest of the test time, I have a silk blouse stuffed in my fortunately large purse -- beside the smuggled electronic remote for my car.

I can't say that my unfortunate outfit caused me to do worse on the test, but it certainly didn't help me do any better!!!


K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Busted said...

Sorry about your apparel mishaps - but I adore the photo you used in this post. So avant garde.

[Deleted comment above is mine - I was signed in under wrong name]

Queenie. . . said...

Sorry about the mishap--but thanks for sharing! It totally made me crack up.

thouartloosed said...

This gave me a chuckle! Thanks.

zoebabie said...

I believed outfits really influence the entire day mood and feelings. Like i have been wearing a skirt to work which makes me felt so uncomfortable and wrong colour for that particular day i will hardly wear this skirt anymore maybe once in the blue moon.

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