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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I gave up my position as a classroom teacher. I'm now a resource teacher with the bilingual department. It's a sort of tutor/coach/counselor spot. I have a case load of students that I'm responsible to check up on homework, adjustment to middle school, etc. Then I'll have time to help with our discipline system and see students individually who are struggling with grades, tardies, etc. The social worker is amazingly overloaded so that she doesn't have time for all of this. I'll get to do some family interventions with students who are perpetually tardy to school and devise ingenious (??) ways to help them overcome problems.

It's right up my alley. A combination of my teaching and psychology backgrounds...and I'll be working principally with Spanish-speaking students so I get to use that background too.

Then, I realized I'd better get my provisional bi-lingual certificate and to do so need to take a Spanish-language test. I called to find out the info...and voila' the test is THIS Saturday...and registration closed at 5 PM yesterday....I got the info at 3:30. So with one hour to spare I registered for the test. Yikes!!! I have to write an essay in Spanish!!!!

Go girl!! Run to the library and check out "Man from LaMancha" or some such book to beef up on your Spanish!

The sad part???? The girls ballet recital is Saturday!!! I didn't check my calendar before I paid nearly $200 for the test administration. (Not that I had a choice. It's the only one being given before school starts.) I still don't have the location or time...they're emailing those. Maybe...just maybe....I can make both the test and the recital. If will be the FIRST recital of the girls I've missed. Takes the edge off the professional excitement a bit. I hate it when necessities like jobs and education interfere with LIFE! Sigh!

I'm frantically packing up my classroom to move to a tiny office that is about 1/6 the size.


Ballerina Girl said...

Sounds exciting! Felicitaciones!
Ojala que puedes atender los dos cosas el Sabado!
Buena Suerte!
I tagged you in my blog! come by and see if you'd like to participate...
:) BG

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Congratulations on your new position!! You'll be great!

Maggie - Mom of Six said...

Congratulations and Yikes! Hope you are able to make the recital!

My name is Andy. said...

I'm stopping by from NCLM. Congrats on the new position and good luck with your test!

Juicy said...

Good luck w/ the test, sounds hard but I bet you'll do just fine!

And have fun with your new office. :)

(here from NCLM)

DC said...

Good luck with the test!!! :)

His Girl said...

wow, this is SO exciting! what an incredible job for you! i can't wait to hear how it goes!


seriously? said...

Hi from NCLM. Sounds like an exciting time in your life professionally. I hope you can make it to the recital as well.

Good Luck!

Ms. Emrich said...

Hi P.! This is Mary E....maybe you remember hearing me speaking francais down the hall from you?! I am SOOOO glad and proud that you are helping out the bilingual kids...we needed you when I was there and from what I hear tell, you are even more needed in that dept. now! You were an inspiration to me and will be such a godsend to those kids and their families! Bonne chance, mon amie!

PJ said...

Ms Emrich! Of course I remember you...your little guy is now about 6?? I'd love to hear what you're doing nowadays. But your email had no return address.

truth said...

This sounds like a very intersting position. A lot of changes coming your way. I suspect God will continue to work through you in amazing ways and also new & unexpected ways.

Michelle said...

I didn't know you were a teacher! Me, too! Well, I'm sure you did fine on the test. Is it at least one you can check online to see if you 'unoffically' passed sooner?

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