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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gender Inequity

Some things never change. Men just don't get the social restrictions required to deal with the world of women. Driving out of my sister's subdivision, we pass a house under construction. There facing us, partially hidden by a truck, is a man assuming “the stance.” You know the one. Guys don't go for privacy, but “the rules” require they NOT make eye contact. I'm looking at the house being built and inadvertently notice the guy. He maintains eye contact and grins as I raise my eyebrows askance at his obvious activity. He could at least have the decency to look elsewhere. But no, I break eye contact and roll my eyes at the incivility of it all.

A few days later, I'm in a major department store restroom. Fortunately, this one was equipped with the tissue paper seat covers. I dutifully double paper the seat cover (I absolutely abhor “the stance” taught my mothers everywhere which requires squatting in midair touching nothing at all!) and prepare to lightly perch on the white throne. Just before I make contact, the automatic flush engages and with a loud “whosh” my tissue protection is gone. Sighing, I prepare the seat yet again. Double covers, trying not to move much, I prepare to sit. Alas, as before, the flush engages. The protection is gone. Determined now to win over the motion detector, I once again prepare the facility. And...for the third time, the flush engages. I'm mad now. With the stealth of a F/A-18*, I move aside away from the radar eye of the detector and ONE MORE TIME! I cautiously set out the covers. Trying not to move, I gingerly perch on the seat. Voila'! Success this time. I beat the motion detector!!!

Life is just so unfair!!!

(Care to share a bathroom story???? Leave a comment!)

*Note: I changed the plane reference to be congruent with my sister's employer. Silly me, I didn't know what company made which plane!!


truth said...

Oh my, that was funny. Sorry to laugh at your expense, but it is only funny because it has happened to me so many times.

I only recently heard of the stance. My mom taught us the wrapping method, lol.

Linda said...

So much to catch up on here, from the travel thoughts to the current post. I can't comment on everything I just read! I'll be back next week when life slows down to comment when I read.

His Girl said...

oh foo! so so so funny!

Ballerina Girl said...

I was in the car going to pick the kids up from school, and there is a school bus parked over on the sidewalk, you know half on half off, waiting to pull in or whatever, and yep,
there is a guy in "the stance"! I was just amazed that this was happening!

dabrah said...

Isn't it illegal for men to pee in public? I'm sure it must be.

zoebabie said...

Hey PJ,
Felt so happy to hear from you again. You look great in the pictures. I will get back myself into school again soon and will taking up jewellery design course.

I was freak out when i read the news "Malaysian city warns women over make-up, high heels"
Too much and ridiculous!

I born in Malaysia but i have moved to Singapore after i got married :) so it is fine for me somehow i am totally against the muslim country created such stupid rules for woman in M'sia!

PJ said...

It probably is illegal Debrah. BUt illegal or not they do so with impunity!!! Hmmm. No puny pun intended. LOL

Maggie - Mom of Six said...

When taking a long trip with very small boys, their ability to "go anywhere" has come in handy. But, the girls and I have to hold and wait....and wait.....and....wait! LOL!
I now carry a small can of lysol and spray the seat before sitting as I never can get the paper cover where I need it.

Marina said...

so unfair to us women always having to hold it in.Lol!! marina

Nancy said...

Oh how hilarious! We've all acted this out in various stalls throughout the country. How frustrating this is, but your stealthy tactics are good to tuck away for future use.

ann said...

I love it! I miss reading your blog.

Those automatic toilets were a nightmare for my boys when they were in the potty training phase. I always had to cover up the sensor with my hand while they stood there (or sat!).

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