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Monday, June 02, 2008

Last Day of School
Good New, Bad News
Good News: I called human resources and they offered me the new job!!! I accepted. More later.
Bad News: I locked my keys in my car
More Bad News: The two flats of water that we need for the kids' pizza party today are slowing warming up to boiling temperature in my trunk
Good News: The movie we have for the educational enlightenment of 120 14-year olds is ready to be put in the VCR
MBN: The VCR is not set up in the auditorium and we arrive there in exactly 6 minutes
MBN: There are 120 7th graders in the auditorium right now -- We have the auditorium properly signed out for today.
WORST NEWS OF THE DAY: My room feels like the anteroom to Hades--It's THAT hot in here.
BEST NEWS: This is the LAST day!!!!!!!!!!!
Hallelujah....Hallelujah....Haaaaallleeelluuuuja. (That was the Hallelujah Chorus in case you can hear it!!!)


Amanda said...

Yay for the last week of school! It sounds like your past week has been very hectic!

(here via NaComLeavMo)

Ballerina Girl said...

forget the bad news...last day of school and
so, what is this new job?!

fatfighter said...

Put all the bad news behind you - school's out and summer vaca is here!

ann said...

WOOHOOOO! Congratulations on your new job, PJ!

I remember my classroom was so hot that the principal had me wheel my computer out into the hallway before I went home each night. There was a pillar candle in there that even got smooshed down from the heat, too. It's so hard to concentrate when it's that warm.

Tracey said...

Congratulations on the new job, an I second your Hallelujah for the end of school! Monday was our last day too! I am looking forward to many days of relaxation and fun.....if I can only get my kids to agree to it!

Pepper said...

Congratulations on getting the job! I'm jealous of the time off, though.

Visiting from NCLM

Duck said...

last day! sounds great.

PJ said...

Ann, your smooshed candle is funny. And...the computer in the hallway??? Wow!!

truth said...

Isn't summer delightful!? I just love summer.

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