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Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to keep busy until July 3 (Click here to find out why I'm anxious)

1. Clean closets, jewelry box and corners with things stashed --
Done: 3 closets, the "spare" bedroom, jewelry box

2. Have a garage sale -- Rained out tomorrow-- Try again in two weeks

3. Spend a week with my sister -- Tickets purchased

4. Go to my nieces wedding -- Looking for a dress. Didn't find it, but I found the perfect Father's Day gift for hubby.

5. Perform the ceremony at nieces wedding -- looking for my little black book...where did I put that thing? Hope it's not with the garage sale stuff!!

6. Start cropping -- date set for tomorrow with DIL

7. Now get my pictures and projects organized.

8. Oh! First clean up the mess made from cleaning closets


truth said...

Sounds like you will keep busy until July. I'm sure you won't give it another thought until then. (wink)

mommy to four j's said...

You are busy I hope you get it all done char

dabrah said...

Why does cleaning closets make such a mess? I have that problem too.

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