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Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've been Livin' La Vida Loca

But only the title, not the lyrics. I'm livin la vida loca for Jesus! Let's see...FRiday night music practice was awesome, not just the music but the Spirit. There were 28 young people from 4 different churches, every ethnic group you can imagine, who had never sung together before and Chris Chism was able to pull them all together, teach some song and great music and terrific praise was the result. (I was not singing, just being the resource person). It ended at nearly 11 P.M.

Then service Saturday night was awesome as well. (I'll post pictures and video later). New LIfe Drama Company outdid themselves in the skits. We laughed, cried, and worshipped God together. Then we went out to eat. It's always interesting. Here are Bob and I (two old people) and all these young things in the restaurant. I know people watching are thinking, "Wow, those two have a wild variety of children!" And we do!

This morning, Chris had an hour with our music team...and service was again awesome (I have to think of a new word). And lunch was served here in my house. I did get surfaces cleaned off. And we had a lovely lunch -- and I forgot to get out my camera -- for 23 people. My DILs were wonderful as was the Drama Company to serve and clean up.

Just a Sartorial note: these days Crocs feel best on my feet. I had on these little black ones. And I FORGOT TO PUT ON MY HEELS. Yep! I was up there on the stage singing in my little black Crocs!! Duh!

Now...It's time for my nap....In less than three hours we take a one hour drive for a final service with Chris and Alecia Chism...To Rockford. So, nap time it is. My age is no longer creeping up on me, it's jogging!! and may well overtake me if I don't get some shut eye!!!

Did I mention that tomorrow we go to Chicago for the Taste of Chicago? We'll have a group of 6 adults and 2 kids, ride the train, walk to Grant Park, graze, and graze, and graze before we return home tired and stuffed!! Whew! Naptime. For real.

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Marina said...

WOW PJ sound like fun!! be bless,marina

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