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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Concert & Art Exhibit
No, NO, we're not on exhibit. That's just Dad, Grandma, Mom and the other Grandma!!!

Here's M1's art

She points it out to us

M2's Art -- The nativity in torn paper

Aunt Christy was there too!

M1 in her classroom and talking with a friend

M2 with friends

M1 and I

M2 and I

M2 stays focused on singing even when the other kids are not.


That's M1 in the middle. They're "waiting" for the 4th graders to join them!

Christmas Concert!
(I also have video!!! But haven't uploaded yet!)


Sarah said...

Mary and Anna had their Chirstmas program last week. It was really cute, I love to hear all the sweet little voices!

PJ said...

Can't wait to see your pictures!! Little ones are so cute...even when they're off task (waving "Hi" to mommy in the middle of the song, etc!).

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