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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Now and Then

Every so often I am reminded how much better I feel and how much better I function now than I did last summer. At Makudu's Island in Phoenix, (see July 17 post) I climbed up in the tree with the girls and slid down one slide. It was almost my undoing. I scraped my elbow and my knee, I got a crick in my neck and frightened myself when I thought I was stuck up in that tree and could not climb down. I could just imagine a rescue team arriving trying to get one very large woman who was old enough to know better, from a tree gym designed for CHILDREN!

Tonight, M has a party at Pump It Up. I slid down a larger slide more than once, and went in the big blow up basketball court and jumped around for awhile. I did land on my hindermost part a time or two, but nothing was injured and I had great fun. My body is more limber, my balance is much improved and my strength is so much greater in just over four months!

Glory Be to God! Jehovah Rapha!


Sarah said...

I love Pump it up! Anna's little friend Hunter is having his party there in January. One of the kids from preschool last year had her party there, and it was so fun. I had to carry Alexandria up all those big slides, which was hard, but I did it! I felt like a kid again, until later that night. Boy did my back hurt!!@!

Linda said...

I hope I can be as flexible when I have grands!

Kyla said...

Good for you!! I think I'd be sore after all that!

PJ said...

Sarah: Yes Pump it up is fun for everyone. Easy for parents; fun for participants, including adults.

Linda: Being a grandparent is the most wonderful stage in life. You'll love it -- and be Most Flexible!

Kyla: I expected to be sore, but for some reason was not. Go figure!

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