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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Driving To Work On a Snowy Morn
December 5, 2007


janeywan said...

Looks more wintery at your place than ours. Was a warm balmy day here in Denver, snow in the forecast. I read a few of your post, wish I could create memories with words like that.

Thanks for the visit to my site. Come again.

Jennifer said...

Oh wow! I think you got a lot more then we did! What I posted yesterday morning was gone by 2pm, then it turned to rain, then back to snow later. We've got just a dusting this morning. Which is fine with me, I'm not much of a snow person except on Christmas! ;0)
Thanks for dropping by my place yesterday!!

MotherPie said...

Well we don't have snow here yet but last year we were snowed in several times for multiple days (then we decided we had to get a 4-wheel). The photos are beautiful.

This comment is from a nonBlogger, with a link only back to my site via my inserting it in this place by handwriting the coding to give a link back MotherPie which is a real hassle and involves a lot of cut/paste.

Blogging has stimulated conversation among virtual/real friends but Blogger, by altering the commenting structure, has limited comments only to Google's bloggers using the Blogger platform. Crummy move, Google/Blogger. See my post on this: Blogger Comment Changes Stink. Period. Use Haloscan for commenting - the link is in my post comments.

Missy said...

So utterly can't relate. It is supposed to be 78 degrees here tomorrow!!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my word! Are you kidding? It looks like you're making christmas cards not taking pics of your drive! Gorgeous!

Sue @ Praise and Coffee said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, so nice to "meet" you!

You have an amazing story! I'll be back!


PS: the pictures are beautiful!!

Sarah said...

It was a beautiful first real snowfall. I have pictures of my girls playing in it on Anna's Place!

My Kid's Mom said...

Great pictures!!! I love the snow - we don't get as much here in Ohio as what I was used to getting when I lived in Michigan, so I miss it. Hope you're enjoying the holiday season.

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