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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I lost my holiday cheer tonight

I wasn't on an actual holiday errand -- or was it? I guess it was. We have a potluck breakfast at school on the Friday classes let out. I signed up for a hashbrown potato casserole and didn't have all the ingredients. So after the granddaughters Christmas concert tonight, I head out to the grocery store. I'm tired and slow. Finally load things up and decide I'm hungry. I didn't have time to eat before the concert -- just a fast cup of soup. So I drive through a fast food joint (uh-oh!) and order two pieces of fish. Just as I order a car pulls in behind me and I'm forever trapped in the line. I sat there in one spot for 15 minutes (Fast???) getting more and more annoyed. I could have MADE me something to eat in less time. It was finally 25 minutes when I got to the window to pay and get the food. I asked to see a manager. The cutest little girl (She couldn't have been more than 17 or so) was at the window and said, "You can just tell me."

"Okay. I know this isn't your fault, but I've been in the line for twenty-five minutes. That isn't fast food. I could have had a 3 course meal at a full service restaurant (I named a fish place) by now. "

She sort of was an obvious exaggeration. And said they were having trouble with the computer. What could I say to such a child.

"Well, let the manager know, they need to call somebody to fix something. I'm tired; I'm irritated; I'm no longer hungry."

And I left. Without the food.

Oh dear!! Was that just too rude? The poor child's face took on a sad look. I could just imagine my granddaughter there in 10 years.

There's no getting out of the lane once you're in it. On one side is the building; on the other side is a retaining wall. It's a trap!!! I should have known better than to try for fast food. So now I'm waiting for the potatoes to cook. I'm having hashbrown casserole at midnight!!! And if I'd just come straight home, I would be eating it by now!!!

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