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Monday, May 19, 2008

1969 - Love at last!

(Was I ever that young?)

Four years later!!
(That is me under that pile of hair!)
Aah! those were the days! Not our finest hour.

I was just off blog surfing and ran across a blog that reminded me of how different my life could be. Let's see. What were my likely choices of mate?

1. Lester - In first grade I loved him madly and cried for him every Friday. He couldn't spell and always failed the spelling test Friday afternoon. So every Friday the teacher spanked him!!! Yep. You heard right...for not spelling correctly. I so wanted to help him. He learned though. He began skipping school every Friday afternoon. He'd go home for lunch, a long walk through the woods and never return to school. No spelling tests for him!

I think he still lives hermit-style in those woods. I wonder if Miss Williams is responsible?

2. Don - the brother of a good friend. Also a country boy. I think he did complete high school and got married. I lost track of him after that. He once kissed me on a dare. (We were 12)

3. Larry - a more serious contender. But not a Christian at the time. I turned down his proposal to date and headed West, California-bound, for Bible College. Before I finished my first year of college, he was married. He's now dead -- heart disease.

4. A couple of Bible College friends -- remote possibilities. One is now dead, the other married.

5. Ah...I had forgotten the one I turned down the summer I was already engaged. A few weeks later he was in a motorcycle accident and never fully recovered.

5. The love of my life -- my hubby -- We've had some rough times, but God has been good. I couldn't ask for more!! And...we're both still breathing and fully functional, mostly!


Maggie - Mom of Six said...

I remember my mom wearing her hair like that. (not trying to make you feel old it is just something I had not thought about in a long time) Thanks for the wonderful memory you brought into my mind.

His Girl said...

This reminds me of an old-ish country song called unanswered prayers:

totally speaks to my heart :)

PJ said...

I read those lyrics...yep. It fits. I may post it next!!

And, Maggie, since I had my first baby in 1971, I may BE the age of your mother!!

Ballerina Girl said...

Love the Mother also wore her hair in the "beehive"! I remember my sister's cat sitting on top of the refrigerator and batting at it like it was a moveable toy!

PJ said...

Did nobody notice that both babies are screaming!! I so remember the "friend" who just "had" to take that picture when the boys would not cooperate! (It was late. They were tired, and so were we. But we pasted on the "Missionary" smile anyway.) And he was so kind as to give us a copy!

Heather Johnson said...

I LOVE this post!!! Makes me want to go back and look up all my old boyfriends/crushes to see where they are now ... I know one middle school crush is dead, and one high school boyfriend is now completely creepy ... sure makes me glad I made the choices that I did!

PS. I'm here 'cause I'm starting NaComLeavMo early, just to get into the swing of thinks. ;)

thouartloosed said...

Love your big hair! This post made me think of my own choices. I wonder where the "nopes" have gotten to.

samurai said...

\o/ - what an awesome trip down memory lane.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I love this post, especially the pictures!

ann said...

I love your wedding picture, and the one with both kids crying absolutely cracks me up!

Kim (Smith) Lewis said...

Hey...I remember being in your wedding! I was the one of the cute flower girls! I was so excited to get to do that....brings back memories!

PJ said...

I have an adorable picture of you being dragged along by Robbie Rideout in your pretty little yellow dress!! I'll have to get it scanned so I can post!!

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