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Friday, May 30, 2008

End of Year to-do list

My last to-do list is all done, except SORT PICTURES. My albums have been moved to last a lot lately. I should make them a priority for summer.

New List

1. Wait for phone call to confirm new position for next year
2. Pack up room for end of year
3. Pack up room for move to new office????
4. Finish grades
5. Wait for phone call
6. Get hubby change for garage sale (Before going to school)
(This is his FIRST one ... it's for a church project and he couldn't wait one more week for me to be off school and help...he forgot to get change. Like, the #1 thing on the list of how to have a successful garage sale!!!)
7. Bring home box of books from school for sale. (Is that the #2 thing on the list of how to have a successful garage sale?? Stuff to sell?) There goes 3rd hour again.
8. Wait for phone call
9. Prepare materials for new position
10. Sort pictures!
11. Wait for phone call
12. Wait for phone call
13. Oh, yeah. Teach kids for two more days...and...
14. Copy picture CD's from yesterday's field day...and...
15. Get letter to 7th graders for summer reading list...and...
16. Wait for phone call
17. Wait for phone call
18. Wait for phone call

Find out why this blog composer goes bonkers when I try to vary the type size. It won't do different size type in the same blog....annoying. I wanted to be so artsy with font effects!!! And now it won't go back to normal size!!!! And it's 4:00 a.m. and I have no patience to spare...not one shred! I'm saving it all for the kids.

Yeah. I found a shred of patience and went to the Edit Html and found the 180% embedded!!! Yahoo. It's now normal, readable size!!!


baby~amore' said...

I'm here from NaComLeavCom

I hate that HTML code stuff ... slowly learning it.

Good luck on the phone and the new position. I envy a to do lsit that is completed.

My Little Drummer boys

Sarah said...

Hope you get that phone call.

Sam said...

If you ever need a little Blogger/HTML help I am at your service. Yes, I need a life. Crossing my fingers for your phone call!

ann said...

Oh the phone call!! Keep us posted!

I love how you said, "Oh yeah, teach the kids for two more days..."

Isn't that so true? At least for me it was. I know my kids were absolutely bonkers by the last couple days of school, and my brain had certainly expired too.

Katt said...

So did you ever get that phone call?

Kim said...

What a story you have to tell! Hope you get that phone call. I too am constantly looking to make a difference - in a positive way!

PJ said...

While I was at the recognition ceremony last night -- or in transit -- the phone call came. I now have to wait til Monday morning to call her back...they called...but just said call official job offer!! (How do you write that horse whinny thing? Blllllllhhh)

truth said...

How nice to have your list completed, well, except for the phone call.

I run into blogger problems switching back and forth from html and can never get the look back that I started with. I am not computer savvy.

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