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Saturday, May 31, 2008


The infamous "Teachers Lounge"
Note one of my cans of cream soup left over from the potato casserole still decorates the table. Every now and then someone puts out a sign: "Clean up after yourself. Your mother doesn't work here!" Apparently I pay no heed!

Really good newspapers my students did for To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I photographed just a few.

I tried to get a usable picture of a killer checkers game -- boys lounging on bean bags with friends encircling them. But every time I snapped, someone looked at me. I wanted just the backs or tops of heads so I could use the photo here....I will now HAVE to learn to use the new PHOTOSHOP program I got for Mother's day to pixel out the faces!!!


ann said...

Wow! The kids did a great job on their projects! I'm impressed that they did To Kill a Mockingbird in 8th grade (they're 8th graders, right?). I didn't read it till I was in high school.

PJ said...

This is the Challenge (Gifted) class...I don't get project that look quite like that from the regular classes...nor do we read that book!!

truth said...

Love seeing the photos and the newspapers are great. My mom worked with the gifted kids a lot and wrote curriculum for them. She often wished she could use the same things for the regular classes just to allow them to experience a broader world.

PJ said...

Sometimes I do the same methods and techniques with my regular classes -- but they couldn't read Mockingbird on their own and it takes too much time to read it all aloud in class. I know what she means though. ...sometimes I wish I could somehow imbue them with the understand the challenge kids have. Same thing with Shakespeare Sonnets and The Merchant of Venice...wish the regular kids could do it!

surpriseofunfolding said...

Here from NCLM - these look great! I teach highschool science and really enjoy creative projects to see what the kids will do. Good luck on your phone call & busy days coming up!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a great idea for the kids to make a newspaper. GREAT!! Looks like they did a wonderful job too. Sandy

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