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Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's been a music-filled week!

Thursday night was the girls' Spring Sing. It's so much fun to watch little ones in a concert! M&M1 looked so dignified as a second-grader. I almost didn't recognize her with a pulled-back hair-do and big-girl dress. M&M2 recited scripture as a trio with two classmates. She was cute as ever.


M&M2 on the left

Then Friday night we went to a Kim Clement meeting which is not officially a concert. It's a prophetic meeting, but the medium for transmitting the message is primarily music. The service was different that any I've experienced (And believe me, I've been around the world in Christian meetings from Dr. Cho's church in Seoul Korea, to Crusades in South and Central America and Mexico, Conferences in Haiti as well as Missionary Conferences, Women's Conferences, Ministrial Conferences, Denominational or Non-Demoninational Conferences in the U.S.A. from East Coast to West Coast, from the bayous of Louisiana to the Mountains of Idaho, from the hills of the Ozarks to Harlem, New York. For real, that isn't hyperbole!)

From our front and center seats, we had a wonderful view of the action. And action it was. Word's rather fail me here. It was dynamic, moving and very real. From the violin playing of a remarkably gifted young lady, a marvelous keyboardist who remained nearly hidden the entire time, a drummer that knew his way around a drum set, a guitarist who also remained in the shadows, a bass guitarist who was very visible and lively, a couple of talented back-up singers to Kim, himself the quality of the music was first-class. Saturday evening Kim did a piano rendition of "America, the Beautiful" that was stunning. Spontaneously, the audience began to softly sing along.

Although this was his first meeting in Chicago, the audience was immediately receptive. By Saturday night, at the first clash of piano chords and roll of drums, several hundred people were in the aisles and the area around the platform dancing, clapping and singing along as they worshiped God freely for more than two hours. I joined the singing, clapping, and a little bit of footwork , but my feet wouldn't hold out for a solid two hours. At times I actually sat for a few minutes. The two thousand strong congregation reveled in the Spirit-filled ambience of the "Prophetic Blast."

My favorite part of the event was the day-time session with Lance Wallnau. I have more ideas tumbling around my head than I know what to do with. I took notes and bought a couple of CD's. I've also checked out the website. I'm not sure just exactly how to explain what has changed in me as a result of being exposed to those ideas. But there's been a change. I simply have to sort things out. The impact was profound.


Queenie. . . said...

It sounds like you have had a lot of very interesting opportunities. Those little girls are gorgeous. And that picture of your hair in one of your earlier posts is just hilarious.

Laura said...


There is nothing quite like the freedom to love God in an environment where everyone else is doing just that. It adds to the love.

Linda said...

I'm getting all caught up here!

MoxieMamaKC said...

Thank you for reminding me to instill music in my daughter's heart. You ROCK!

ann said...

The girls are just darling!

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