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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Phylis-ism

I walked into the teachers' lounge. (Why do we bother with the word "Lounge"? The "Lounge" has one long table with 10 cheesy plastic chairs, one small round table for four, a pop machine, a refrigerator and three microwaves perched on bookcases stuffed with brochures, book catalogs and sundry items arranged amid overflowing bulletin boards. This is all crammed into a room the size of a good bathroom. There's nothing "Lounge-y" about it!) The narrow shelf-like table under the chalkboard was stuffed with food.

Groggily I thought, "Oh good. Food. That half cup of oatmeal in my tummy needs some company." So I'm filling a white paper plate with scrumptious-looking egg casserole wondering what the occasion is, when someone says, "Where did you put your potato casserole ? I've heard it's great. I can't wait to try it."

I turn around with a quizzical look. (I'm calling it quizzical. It was probably more like dumb.) "Oh. Is this the day we're supposed to bring food?"

Think. Think. Okay. I have a break at 10:30 for 40 minutes. I can run to the store, buy the stuff and a foil pan to bake it in, mix it up in the "lounge" and put it in the oven in the Home Ec room...If I'm lucky I can do all that in 40 minutes.

And I did!!! Whew. What a day! Hope today doesn't hold that kind of surprise...on the other hand, so far today there's not even any oatmeal in my tummy so egg casserole sounds really good about now!!!

(Our "Lounge" is maybe twice the size of the one for which I borrowed the picture from G***le image!! And those are unknown teachers. If I remember I'll take a picture today!!!)


ann said...

Wow PJ, way to go! I seriously couldn't have pulled that off. I would have ended up just buying a bucket of KFC or a salad at the deli.

Isn't it crazy how teachers have to make do with itty bitty spaces? I remember one year (the year I was pregnant with Ethan) my classroom was a CLOSET. 15 second graders in a closet with no windows. It was soooo hot in there. We had to use kindergarten tables because student desks wouldn't fit. But the good thing is that I could staple into the walls to hang up students' work and make bulletin boards, etc. I did love that!

Anyway, good job on the food!

My name is Andy. said...

I'm stopping by from NaComLeaMo and just wanted to say WOW... that's pretty impressive to pull that together at the last minute!

And I think teachers should have a much better lounge! I remember being a kid and thinking that it must be some super-duper magical places with pinball machines and slushies!!

Eliza said...

Eek! You COOKED at WORK? Wow. Hats off.

Rachel said...

Wow, I wouldn't have even tried to get it done.

Visiting from NCLM.

His Girl said...

I don't know what on earth I would do!!!

I totally used to work at a school where the teacher's lounge doubled as the bathroom! no kidding! bulletin board and supplies in the single toilet room!

PJ said...

The teachers' lounge comments are hysterical!!! A toilet???? That one takes the cake.

And the students always believe the "Lounge" is fantasy land with couches and fun things to do!! Student teachers sometimes comment on it.

truth said...

Way-to-go on pulling together the casserole. I despise days like that, I feel like I'm running behind forever.

I remember as a kid trying to envision the teachers "lounge." I thought about them all lounging around drinking soday, semi-reclining. Teachers had all of the fun, lol.

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