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Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's oddities and idiosyncracies

I had so much trouble getting out of the house today. It should have been very simple, really. I simply needed to go get a broken (lost, actually) nail repaired. I grabbed purse and keys and head toward the car when I become aware that it is too cold to go without a coat. I go back in the house for a coat. I'm in the car, coat on, when I realize I forgot to take something for my migraine. (Duh!) So back to the house for meds. I'm almost at the door to go to the car again and remember I forgot to take a water bottle. (Dehydration is still a real and present danger, more so when I've just taken medication). I head back to the fridge for the water bottle, car keys in hand. Halfway to the nail salon, I realized my purse isn't in the seat beside me. Nor was it in the back seat, nor anywhere else in the car. I turned around in the nearest driveway and head back for my purse. Finally, success. I'm out the door with a coat, purse, car keys, and water bottle AND I have taken a migraine pill.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know that I've always been a space cadet. But these days it's more like I'm not the brightest bulb in the batch. And today is not a case in isolation.

Earlier today, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up my checkbook that I left there nearly a week ago. They called the same day, but I kept forgetting to go get it! I was embarrassed to get it, but the manager laughed and asked for my name since she had more than one checkbook left behind. (Okay, so there are other dim bulbs!)

The day I left the checkbook was certainly a unique experience for me. I used to wonder what would happen if something went down that little slit at the end of the grocery conveyor belt, but in 40 years I've grocery shopping I'd never lost anything in belt hell. Until that day!

I purchased two water-filled animals for the girls. They were that plastic that feels like slime and squishy to the touch since substantial air space was left inside. They weren't small either. The frog is about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide and maybe an inch and a half tall. The car (okay, it was an animal-looking car, complete with huge frog eyes) was even taller, maybe 2 and a half or three inches tall. The toys were the last two things I placed on the conveyor belt. I have my checkbook in hand and am waiting patiently for a total. I look up and realize that the toys have disappeared into "conveyor hell" and all that is left visible are the huge hard plastic froggie eyes. I reached out to pull them up to no avail. The checker tried too, then called for help. Apparently there is no emergency release for the belt, nor is there an accessible entry for maintenance. We had to abandon that checkout, cashier and all, pick up all my groceries and move to another checkout. Oh yes, a bagger also went back to get two more little squishy animals. And, I left my checkbook which apparently did not fall into conveyor hell but was left behind, nevertheless.

Lost Body Parts
Besides memory, I also have lost two fingernails (hence, the trip to the nail salon today) and four toenails. (Repairable--but I'll wait for sandal season)

And hair...mine is about half an inch long now. And appears to be light brown with very little red showing so far.

Ahh...must go. I have dallied too long over these descriptions and find my dear husband is waiting for me!! TaTa for now.


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