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Friday, March 09, 2007

It's been a good week...can't believe it's almost over and I go back for chemo on Monday. The first week isn't that bad though. I usually can still get out of the house a bit every day. It's the third week that's the pits when I don't feel like even leaving the house. Yesterday I went shopping with a five-year-old. Big sister, Mattea, doesn't like shopping, but this one loves it. It's an experience to go with her!! She picked the "accessories" for the spring clothes I bought them. (Translate accessories as sunglasses, necklace, purse, hair bows) And she liked ALL the outfits I picked for her to choose from. Fortunately Aunt Christy went with us, so she helped with those choices. We had fun!

The "Faces of Mikaela" were taken at breakfast a week ago. Her new phrase is that she is "perpetually hungry". And she is...she also loves butter! The one of me was taken by the five-year-old, also a week ago--week three! You can see the weariness and swelling in my face. But...oh well!


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