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Saturday, March 10, 2007


It rained last night, melting the snow. Our sidewalks were generously covered with standing water from the rain and melted snow. But after dark that mix of temperature--atmospheric warm air and the colder air from the ground also created fog. It reminded me of my California fog experiences. Here in Illinois we have fog in comparison to California like Texas has snow in comparison to Chicago. So my brain went to the REAL fog. :)

It was in Bible School sometime after the civil war (LOL) and I belonged to the Crusaders Club. On weekends we would go to churches in towns within driving distance of Stockton to help with services. Usually there were 3-5 of us: someone to preach, others for prayer, music, or moral support. We would drive, but had to be back at school by a reasonable time.

One night coming home, the fog was so thick that we couldn't see at all. I don't remember for sure who was driving. I think it was either John Smelser or Tim Dugas. But the fog was so bad that he drove the last 20 miles with the driver's door open and him looking down to follow the white line on the highway. It was the only way to see. We arrived safely and within our timeline!

Another night, we decided to utilize a flashlight. One of the guys rode on the hood of the car and shined the light on the white line to keep the car on the road. I really cannot remember who those less conventional guys might have been. That night was funny. We laughed all the way home! But again, we arrived safely and within our timeline.

For those mid-westerners who don't know what fog is, the fog I'm talking about is so thick that it is as though the headlights are shining against a shimmering white curtain about sixteen inches in front of the car. The glow from the lights just creates an impenetrable glare. Interesting phenomenon.

Oh well. Just a flashback of ancient history. Fog always does that to me. Makes me remember and laugh.



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