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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chemotherapy Update

Thank God, Chemo itself is over. Now it's discovering the damages done, and repairing those. Right now my red blood cells are still abnormally low, so that's the first target. I had intrevenous iron yesterday to see if that will bring up the count and keep it up. Then it's on to ultrasounds, cat scans, a colonoscopy (yuck) and more blood tests. Last time for the complete blood panel, the cancer markers were way down, which is a good sign. We shall see.

Bob's brother is here from California, so we've been really busy this weekend. Monday I was too tired for a bike ride, so John went riding with the girls. And. . . here are the bike riding pictures. (Especially for North Kingston!!) :) Also, note, I don't have my wig on here. (Somehow it doesn't seem to go with bike riding!). Mikaela had to clean her bike after the first ride. She really didn't want those white tires dirty! Wet wipes are good for many things!


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