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Friday, March 02, 2007

Chemotherapy Update

A friend told me the other day that she can tell what week of chemo I'm on by how many blogs I write. She says that the week I have no chemo I write the most...daily or even more. Then over the next three weeks the number drops until on the third week, I write only once or twice or even not at all.

I'm sure she's right. I'm writing today (week three) just to be writing. This is the week I'm most fatigued...I do the least....think the the least. So there's less to talk about. Just "I'm tired, but doing pretty good." :) Let's see: some headaches (but nothing like when I was getting triple the quantity of chemicals), interrupted sleep, nightmares (not funny ones -- the kind you know are bad, but can't remember anything in the morning except that it was bad), low energy and a feeling of perpetual tired. For comparison sake, those moms out there remember how it felt those first few weeks with a new baby? It felt like you would never get enough rest. Multiply that by... oh... say, 50 and that's chemo fatigue.

So suffice it to say today, I'm doing okay. I'm just tired. :) The bright spot is that on Monday, I go for the blood booster shots and NO CHEMO! Then in a couple of days I'll feel like I can join the human race again! :)


(And I'm too tired to get all this print the same size...readers will have to deal with it!)

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