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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Monday night the kids came over to spend some time with John. We had pizza and conversation. And took this picture.

I spent yesterday resting from the weekend's activities. I'm still very low energy, so I'd guess that the intravenous iron they gave me Monday isn't improving my red blood count much. But I'll find out for sure next week. Tests begin then to see what's what. And then as soon as my system will sustain it, the last of the surgeries.

We went into Chicago with John Tuesday night for a church service. Interesting, to say the least. I was really tired coming home. We went in early and caught a meal at the Frontera Grill. If you ever have a chance for a meal in Chicago, the Frontera is a great place. It's on North Clark and is rated as the 3rd best casual dining restaurant in the U.S. The cuisine is Mexican, but not your typical TexMex stuff. Really great gourmet Mexican food. I had catfish, believe it or not. A little bit of my Missouri heritage with the tortillas, beans and avocado. It was most delicious! Speaking of food, I need a bit of lunch!



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