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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The balance of my life
(My marvelous husband & two granddaughters)


So much going on:
#1: Starting services in Spanish starting May 5 -- I'm in charge. Call me Pastora Felisa!
#2: Old friends Jaime and Teresa arriving from Ecuador Sunday. (Teresa says she's coming to take care of me...and she will too!! I'll miss her when she's gone!)
#3: Newer friend here to teach and preach for JCC also Saturday and Sunday
(How can one be in two places at one time -- said friends do not speak the same Language--Literallly!!)
#4: Bismarck's friend Carlos arriving from California TONIGHT: we now have two grown boys living at home
#5: Speaking at a Women's conference (locally) May 19
#6: Probably speaking at a church near Chicago, May 13
#7: May 13 is Mother's Day, must arrange/rearrange family plans
#8: May 13 is Sunday, must check JCC schedule
#9: Two all day seminars at my school I am registered for: May 9 & 11.
#10: Must arrange for out of country guest activities for those days
#11: My sister will be here for the weekend, May 5 (That's a good thing--I need all the support I can get.)
#12: Must hand out about a million flyers for the first Spanish service (May 5)
#13: Did I mention, I'm pastoring that new work??
#14: I'm pregnant!

Just kidding. Gotcha on #14!!

But really! Who has time for a job?


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