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Monday, April 23, 2007

Good thing I'm feeling better. It was a busy weekend. Teen Challenge was here on Sunday. Then I had the girls for the afternoon as usual. Saturday both girls had soccer games, plus the usual getting ready for Sunday stuff. I'm really tired today. But it's a good kind of tired, not the sick kind!!

Last Thursday when I had Mikaela we went to Family Christian Store to pick up a book for me. Mikaela spotted a new line of dolls they have called Faith Dolls. The 20" ones are like the American Girl Dolls. Each doll has a story, extra clothes to buy, etc. (About the same price too!) But they also have a smaller doll, larger than a Barbie, but with clothes to make outfits, etc. And who can resist that sparkle in a little girl's eye, so we left with the small doll for Mikaela and one for Mattea. Really cute 12" dolls. They both love them and have taken them everywhere. Saturday they went back and picked out another outfit with their own money.

I really like these dolls, because apart from the fact that the storybook that comes with each gives the story of a person and how they find Christ, the body image of the doll is so much better than the fashion dolls. They're actually shaped like a child, rounded torso, undeveloped. AND, the outfits are cute and fashionable, but within the range of decency. As opposed to Bratz or Barbie. They're not cheap, but I think we're getting rid of the Barbie stuff and going with Faith Dolls.

Mikaela didn't know what "Faith" meant so I explained that faith is believing in God. She didn't comment, but later she excitedly told her mom that they were "Sin Dolls". Funny that she knows the concept of "Sin", but can't yet remember "Faith." She's five, okay?

Her doll has brown leather sandals with tie straps. (The orange one pictured above) She was talking to me about how pretty her doll is and said, "I really like the sandals, Gramma."

"I do too. They kind of remind me of Jesus' sandals," I reply.

Very seriously, "I think they bought them at the Jesus Store." she answers.

If you see a "Jesus Store" around. Please let me know!! :)


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