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Friday, April 27, 2007

Colonoscopy finished. And. . .they did find a malformed blood vessel that was "seeping" blood. The surgeon said he can't be sure that's what causing the anemia to be so resistant to treatment, but the oncologist believed that I was "leaking" blood somewhere. Leaking, seeping. Seeping, leaking. Anyway it is cauterized and seeping/leaking no more. Also removed a couple of pollups. So, I should be "all much better" (To quote M1 when she was about 2) in that department.

I really feel fine. A bit sleepy still from the anesthesia OR, they really don't give an anesthesia, it's a twilight sleep with an amnesiac. Just what I need -- more memory loss!! But hopefully, I'll only forget that particular procedure!!

Gotta go! Music practice in 10 minutes. I had told Rod & Rob I might not be there, but I'm feeling fine. I might as well go.


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