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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunday was such a lovely day. Teen challenge was here at church. I took Pastor Kathy by Rodney's house to pick up some music he donated. The girls were with me and Mattea discovered tree climbing. Rod has trees on which the branches are nice and low. Later the girls and I spent the afternoon at the park.


I must be clearing my system of the chemo. For the first time since chemotherapy began, I wanted coffee this morning. Anybody who knows me know that I have always had a cup of coffee attached to my left hand from the time I get up (or leave the house) until noon or so. And if I stayed up late, it was with a lovely cup of coffee in hand. My favorite summertime Starbucks treat was Mocha Frappuccino, and there's a little coffee shop in downtown Elgin where I splurge on a Mocha Breve from time to time. I love Starbucks cards for gifts!! ETC! BUT for the last . . . almost year, coffee does not set well at all. Something about the chemicals from chemotherapy changes the taste and even the digestive process. It didn't hit my stomach well during this time.

The times they are a'changin'! Of course, I've been getting up earlier now -- at 6 a.m. -- in order to take Bismarck to work. His car died (as in non-functional) and he's buying the car that Victor had, but Marta had to send for the title. So we're waiting on a title for his car. In the meantime, I take him to work; Bob picks him up. Being up early in the morning also brings on the coffee urges!!

Such is progress!


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