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Friday, April 20, 2007

As of this week, I'm definitely feeling better. I can actually function at about half my normal pace/rate/efficiency/energy, etc. This week I've actually cooked dinner each evening -- except yesterday when I went to a TMP meeting. (Don't ask. Related to my job.) Although today it required four trips to a store before I actually had everything I need. (I did say about half the efficiency? Okay sometimes less than half!) Don't ask about writing notes -- it's necessary to hold things in ones brain for the time required to write the list. I haven't arrive yet!!

The weather is also so much better. Got up to somewhere in the seventies today! Glorious. I did plant a few flowers this morning and bought the soil and stuff for the rest...but didn't have the energy for anything except the one area.

Tomorrow the girls have soccer games -- first of the season since the other two were cancelled due to the extreme cold. It's supposed to be very warm -- as in maybe as high as eighty. Then Sunday they're predicting eighty-five. Maybe Spring has finally arrived!! Would be nice.

I have pics of Mikaela bike riding yesterday -- but haven't had time to upload them yet. Maybe later. I have to finish dinner. I'm also very bad at walking out of the kitchen with things cooking.


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