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Saturday, April 28, 2007

More News

Jubilee Christian Centre is now adding a component of Spanish ministry. Starting the 5 de Mayo 2007 (Next Saturday), we'll begin a Saturday evening service in Spanish. Bob will continue to pastor the English congregation; I'm undertaking the Spanish one. So you may now call me "the Rev. Dr. Felisa Huerta, pastora de Mundo de Triunfo"

We're excited. Bismarck is rarin' to go with the Hispanic praise band -- he'll be director of music. We have someone coming from Racine to help with outreach.

This is a faith venture. We're starting from scratch.

But when I really think about it, it's not a surprise. God has a plan, has had a plan all along. For several years I've wanted to begin a Spanish-language ministry here at JCC, but it hasn't been the right time. All along I've been the one slated to head up the ministry. Bob really feels his primary purpose is the English-speaking congregation. I believed for along time that when the time was right it would be Victor helping with it.
I suppose my grief over Victor's death was deepened by the death of that dream as well. But my dreams had to die in order for God's purposes to be served.

It was a surprise when Bob said to me the other day, "Are you still interested in pastoring a Spanish-speaking church here?"

Surprised, I replied, "What do you have in mind?" And we began to plan believing that now is God's time. It happened quickly, but only after years of waiting.

Originally we came to Elgin to build a Spanish-speaking ministry here at this church. (Different name, different time, same place). We did so. We had approximately 75 members when we left for Ecuador. Bro Taylor (the senior pastor at the time) was unable to find another Spanish-speaking minister to pastor the group, so we recommended they attend an Apostolic church that was starting here about that time.

It has come full circle. It's time to build again. We appreciate your prayers for "Mundo de Triunfo." The first service will be May 5 -- that's one week from today!! (See: ) Keith Rivas will be coming from Nashville to preach.

I'm excited!!


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