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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Alternate Eating

Tonight I stopped at the grocery store right after work. Let me tell you, that is a problem on several levels. First, I had a slight headache. I think it was because I skipped my morning coffee. I needed caffeine! Big time!

So here's what I bought:

Yep. All four packages. All dark chocolate. With packages that say sensual things like:

"Intense, indulgent dark chocolate delights infused with our bold Espresso Roast coffee."

And "Rich, dark chocolate meets the citrus and cocoa notes of Guatemala Casi Cielo coffee for a delightfully sublime indulgence." Casi Cielo, that means "Almost heaven."

Notice that I did distribute the wealth. There are three different brands there: Ghirardelli's decadent "Midnight Reverie" 86% cacao. That's like pure gold, folks. Starbucks in two flavors, Mocha Dark Chocolate and Espresso Truffles and the good old standby, Lindt Lindor Truffles with 60% cacao. That is eating high on the hog, folks. High on the hog.

Yep. I had done well for awhile on the Alternate Day Diet in which you eat 500-800 calories one day and normally the next. But now I'm on the Alternate Hour Diet. One hour I will refrain from popping anything at all in my mouth. That's like Zero Calories. Then the next hour, I can eat.... well you get the idea.

The checkout lady took one look at my caffeine depraved eyes and didn't say one word about a grocery order in which the only protein was chocolate. Not one word. Not she.

Just proves the old adage, "Don't go to the grocery store hungry." Or with a caffeine headache or else all the dark chocolate in the store may jump off the shelf and into your cart. I'm a living witness!

Anybody want to come over for tea and chocolate? Two truffles later, I'm feeling much more sociable!


Kim said...

You are a woman after my own heart. About a week after we arrived I FINALLY found some dark chocolate in a grocery store. There are three other stores between where we live now and this one, but I'll literally "go the extra mile" for my chocolate!

Becky said...

LOL... I'll come and even bring my own chocolate. :-) Hersheys truffles special dark mildly sweet chocolate with chocolate truffle filling. MMMMmmmm.... I am eating them right now.

I laughed at your response to my snakes. They really are the golden retrievers of the reptile world... very family friendly. Ours seem to love going outside with the kids even if it is a rough trip.

truth said...

You skipped your morning coffee??? But why? I can't think of one good reason to torture myself like that. Well, except when I've had to have blood work or something, but I immediately get some ASAP.

PJ said...

well on Tuesday I had coffee in the morning and nothing else to drink all day -- and I realized that I was dehydrated. On Wednesday, I had coffee and tried to drink water later, but didn't really succeed. I knew I needed REAL liquid hydration, so I skipped the coffee. but it backfired. I guess moderation is the answer!! Go figure.

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