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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Winnebago Tales

The South was a much more hospitable place to travel in an RV than The East Coast. But then of course, y'all know that. The South is just more hospitable all round. Small towns with an RV sales lot would have a few hookups for electricity. Usually there was a sign posted, "Welcome. Plug-In and spend the night. Please make a check out for $7.00 to Billy Bob's RV Sales and put it through the mail slot in the door." Or sometimes there would just be the light pole with a couple of outlets. We would plug in for the night and leave a bit of money in an envelope.

For towns with no RV sales lot, the local grocery stores didn't mind if we parked in their lot. Of course there were no outlets either. But if we arrived in town very late, electricity was a moot point. Mostly we wanted to sleep.

We pulled into a Winn-Dixie about 2 a.m. one Monday morning. We had a particularly long trip the next day and wanted to get a jump start on the journey. But in the morning we were just too tired to wake up. It was after 9 am by the time we woke up. I sort of combed my hair and threw on some clothes and headed for the store to get some breakfast.

The store was busy for a Monday morning. Groggily, I got to the checkout with orange juice and bagels for Bob and I, and milk and cereal for the boys.

"Good morning," chirps the cashier.

"G'morning," I reply absentmindedly, wondering if our over-sleeping had voided the advantage we gained by driving half the night.

"We were wondering if y'all were going to wake up. You must have come in late," she continues.

"Yeah. We did." I reply. Hoping I wouldn't have to tell my life story before she'll take my money. I was tired, barely awake and not in a Southern hospitality mood -- not even if I'm on the receiving end.

"We thought about calling the police, just to see that y'all were okay." She continues.

About then, I'm awake. Because I know, but apparently she doesn't, that we were really trespassing by parking there. My Southern returns, fast. Funny how that works, isn't it? I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't be able to turn it off and on.

But, my voice becomes bright, and I actually made eye contact (See? I do know how to behave in a civilized manner.) "We were just so tired after driving so long last night, I guess we just overslept." I answered nicely.

"My little boys needed the sleep, I think," I add. Trying to score nice points by mentioning the kids, shameless hussy that I am.

And after a few more minutes of small talk, I have paid for the nights rest. It costs only some civilized conversation, a little family history and a few smiles.

With my niceness supply quite depleted, I head back to the RV and three sleepy, hungry guys with really bad bedheads.

One more morning on the road.


Marina said...

love the story !! its so funny how you can change your voice when you have too "))

it sounds like you have had fun traavling, marina

Ballerina Girl said...

you certainly had some angels watching over you all (or should i write ya'all)
interesting life in the rv!

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