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Monday, October 13, 2008

Spouse-to-spouse Communicaton
Don't forget you PPT

My adorable spouse often leaves me notes on the kitchen counter. The one this morning read:

I parked your car @ Jenny's.
If you have a chance
please drop off the dry cleaning that's in the family room.
Thanks --
Remember you PPT.

This requires some translation. Jenny used to live in the now deserted house next door. He moved my car and left a note so I wouldn't think it had been stolen. Or taken to Mars by Aliens. Our drive was being seal coated today and I was abed when he left. (It's Columbus Day! Teachers have the day off. I actually slept in!)

"If you have a chance" we all recognize as husband-speak for . . .

Now for the tricky part. "Remember you PPT." At first I thought PPT was some kind of initials for a nickname for me, a new one? No. Couldn't be.

I'm supposed to remember something, I think. He just left the "r" off of "your". What is PPT that I should be remembering. If I don't even know what it is, how can I remember it?

Pre-Pregnancy Test doesn't make sense since my reproducing parts have dried up and are threatening to blow away. Proton Pump Timer? But I don't have acid reflux. Parts per thousand? He does tend to use capital letters, but I don't have a thousand of anything to have parts of...or per. Parts per trillion makes less sense.

By now my mind is racing to come up with a phrase or something that is PPT.
Prestigious Pink Toupe?
Professional Poker Tour?
Pittsburg Public Theatre?
Plasma Preparation Tube?
People Process Technology?

He wouldn't be insulting with an acronym... but:
Psychotic Professional Teacher?
Para-Professional Teacher?
Presidential Prayer Troupe?
Poor Psychology Training?
Psychologist, Preacher Teacher?
Pink Panther Today?
Post Pregnancy Trauma? It sure would be if it were so!!

Or maybe from my Hillbilly past:
Pickled Porcupine Tails
Pickled Pig Testicles
Pecan Praline Tasties
Painted Pine Toenails
Portly portentious Tailgaters
Pretentious Prime T-bones

Finally, I resorted to the inevitable and the mundane. I called to see what I was supposed to remember that I couldn't even figure out.

Oh. Yeah! He reminded me. Last night I said, "Don't let me forget to tweak the Power Point Presentation we have to give at the staff meeting tomorrow." Another teacher did the data. I'm supposed to add the bells and whistles and a few funny things... to hold interest... teachers are a tough audience!!

And if I'm any example, we are none too bright!


Ballerina Girl said...

Glad to hear you slept in and had a good day.
So, did you tweak it?

Ms. Fairway said...

Husbands can be so obtuse! Mine often speaks and writes in unintentional riddles that make me crazy!

Thanks for stopping by.

truth said...

Oh my goodness, you are so funny! Why is the mind/common sense the first to go???

L said...

oh dear.....what a riot!!! I laughed until I cried! Love it...Love it! (the truth is you simply had too much time on your hands on your day off (lol)and your creative brain was on OT!)

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