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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It’s been a Bits and Pieces Week

Monday there was a special assembly, Chicago Storm (pro soccer) came with a presentation to the student body 7th and 8th periods. Students who had tardy referrals were in a separate session for tardy remediation. I was there to help with the instruction and project.

Normally I have class 7th period, but everyone was going to the assembly, so I don’t have to teach, right? Our special kids were delivered to us at the end of 6th, and I was in that classroom. So….I forgot to go escort my 7th hour class to the assembly. Oops!

Tuesday night is the High Point class at church. Our country this month is Burkina Faso (It’s in Africa. The capital city is Ouagadougou (pronounced:
wä-gä-ˈdü-gü). I found a recipe for “Peanut Rings”
that they sell in the streets there, and tried to make it. The problem is finding peanuts here that are roasted, but not salted…or peanut butter with no emulsifier. The latter doesn’t exist. The former I just didn’t have time to search for, or rather, the only time I had to search (Monday night), I chose to collapse in front of the fireplace with my laptop instead of brave the elements to search for unsalted peanuts. So I had to add flour …. Anyway, it didn’t quite come out.
I’m headed to Scientific Outlet tonight to purchase (cheap) more stuff for our “experiments”. Both for Tuesday night and when my granddaughters come on Sunday, we do experiments. Last night it was a homemade water filter (since good water is a problem in many parts of Burkina Faso), and a cyclone in a bottle . The link here says drill a hole in the caps and tape together. Naw! Get a special cap for $1 at a Science supply store. They say that the store has wonderful stuff this time of year. Time to stock up for wintertime fun!

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Marina said...

just stopping by and saying hi ")
hope your having a nice fall day .. at least you get a break a little one and go shopping ") that is always nice love, marina

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