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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Cut the Ribbanough"

I think I'm in a communication time-warp or gender-warp or maybe my brain is just warped.

As I leave work I call hubby. Here's the conversation:

Hubs: When you get home cut the ribbanough.

Me: Ribs? Cut what ribs? I thought you were bringing chicken.

Hubs: No. The ribbanough. Cut the ribb-a-nough.

Me: Who are the Ribbanough? (I'm thinking I'm supposed to disassociate from some family named Ribbanough?) Why cut them?

Hubs: No. Ribbon. Ribbon now.

Me: Oh sure. Ribbon now. uh... What ribbon?

Hubs: The ribbon.

Me: Where do I get this ribbon.

Hubs: The ribbon is there just cut it.

Me: We're making bows? We're fixing presents? (A not unheard of thing to illustrate some Bible study lesson, sermon, etc. There is Bible study tonight.) And where do I get this ribbon?

Hubs: The ribbon. THE ribbon. (I'm thinking of the pink ribbon I have on my sidelines here. I don't think I need to cut it.)

Me: Help me here. I'm not getting it. (But I'm laughing now, and so is he.)

Hubs: The ribbon that's on the driveway.

Me: Oh! That! I don't think I'd call it ribbon.

Hubs: No? What would you call it? A barricade?

Me: Probably. Or I'd give information first like: It's okay to take the car into the driveway tonight. You can just cut the ribbon and drive in.

Hubs: (Laughing.) Just cut the ribbon and drive in.

Consider it done. (Scroll down to view "THE RIBBANOUGH"!)

Look! It's the Ribbanough!


truth said...

LOL, sounds like me and my husband. We think so different. That was hilarious.

Gwendolyn said...

You should put, as the title of this post, "Gwendolyn...Put Down The Kool-Aid." because I did not, and then I snorted it through my nose. It was really not a pretty site. LOL

Crysm said...

At least you both were laughing. My hubby wouldn't have gotten SO frustrated.

Sarah said...

Ha, Ha!

I didn't get it at first. Funny!

PJ said...

Crysm, It's the almost 40 years together that keeps us laughing. 15 years ago, he would have gotten frustrated and angry, then I would have had my feelings hurt and be crying my heart out!!! Somehow, I like the laughing about it better. But I think "Cut the Ribbanough" is going to become a mantra for when I can't understand him. "Oh I'll just cut the Ribbanough."

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