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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Snippets of Life
If you've been following this blog long, you know that I am a flibberty-gidget and my husband is stable Sam; or if you prefer, I am very flexible and he is anal. Whatever floats your boat.

So Saturday evening we head out to an Office store for him get some copies, etc. and we decide that dinner will be Key Lime Pie. Yum!! (Both Flibberty-gidgets and Anal Freaks can eat pie for dinner, as long as it's planned). The two business places are maybe two blocks apart.

He reveals "the plan": You drop me at Office-M and go get the pie. You can come back and get me.

Me: I think you should drop me; I'll get the pie; then you come back and get me.

Him: No. You drop me. (O.M. is two blocks closer to us)

Me: I really think you should drop me.

Him: It will work much better if you drop me and come back to get me. (He's visualizing the loop I'll make.)

Me: I'm really too tired to drive. I don't think I'm safe. (And it was true)

Him: But, I can't leave you at the restaurant if you're that tired. What if you fall into the Lobster tank? Glub! Glub! (With much drama!)

(He did reluctantly drop me off! Just for the record, I was slightly dizzy at the sight of the lobsters with rubber bands, but didn't fall in with them.)

Another Slice
From a 6-year old

On the way home from the Pumpkin farm, the 6-year old calls her mom.

Child: Guess what, Mom! I got to pet a tiger, a baby tiger!

Child: Nope, it didn't even scratch. and a Kangaroo too. Mom, and a really big turtle and he almost knocked the tree down.

Child: And the, (to me) what do you call it Grandma? the one that pulled the tree over?

Me: The sloth?

Child: (Back in phone) Yeah. Mom, the sloth pulled down the tree and guy didn't even know. (Giggling)

Child: And know what else? I petted a skunk.

Child: Nope. It didn't even stink.

Child: So what did you do all day?

Child: That's all? Didn't you do anything else?

Child: That's it?! That's all you did??? (Her voice is aghast with horror) That's really it???

Child: You just washed the laundry? That's boring!

Child: Okay. See you soon. We're almost there. Bye!

1 comment:

Ballerina Girl said...

great conversations PJ!
stop by my place...I have an award for you!
I can't wait to get to the point where I can have pie for dinner!

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