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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

For real, I'm thinking I'm in a brain warp. I mean, if you look at the last two entries, I've lived with the man for nearly 39 years. I should be able to read his mind by now. Maybe it's the blood pressure meds! Or the estrogen-killing hormone I take! Or, old age!!! Naw. Couldn't be old age. Some things are not just working right around here. My brain is one of them.

Another is my alternate diet. Alternate hours just don't work. Eating everything that can be stuffed into a mouth for one hour and then nothing the next hour really doesn't work. I really have to go back to alternate days. Maybe tomorrow I can do one of those 500 calorie days. Before all 12 lbs find me and jump back aboard. I'll try running faster. Maybe I can out run them!

I was watching HS*N last night. There was some wand for sale that would take wrinkles off a face. They even used it to "raise" an eyebrow. It somehow created an arch in the eyebrow -- by shocking the muscles into place??? I thought about ordering it, but I was afraid that I'd have my nose growing out the side of my cheek or m lips turned upside down.

Then on Sunday I go into the house to get another painter's palette (uh..paper plate) and my camera. I start looking for the tripod. The painter (granddaughter, 8 yrs old) comes to find me. "Grandma, did you find another palette for me?"

Me: So sorry. I got busy and forgot your palette. I got distracted getting the camera ready.

8 yr old: That's okay Grandma. I know. You can't multitask

But I read today: "Researchers have additionally noted that brain function appears to be more preserved in younger people, people with higher education levels, and people taking high blood pressure medicine, regardless of the actual numerical values for diastolic pressure."

And, hey! I have higher education and plenty of blood pressure medication. So two out of three ain't bad!! And if taking the meds helps regardless of the pressure, why bother to even check the blood pressure????



Tina said...

seriously! This was a hilarious post! I'm dying laughing at the thought of your malfuntioning wand! :) That would happen to me too! Oh the marvels of modern science.

truth said...

So funny! Gosh, my brain function must be low. I don't have any of the 3 things working for me.

PJ said...

From Anonymous: "Oh My Gosh, according to your blog I must me a bumbling idiot. I'm not
young, didn't pursue higher education and I don't take blood pressure
medicine. HELP!!!!! LOL!"

PJ said...

Sorry folks. That's research for you!

Marina said...

PJ, I just answer you on my blog what I am goint to wear come and tell me what you think ? marina

Lisa T said...

Well at least you are not have crying fits after 39 years of trying to figure out how a man's brain works. (LOL)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

We must keep working crosswords ... we must keep working crosswords .....

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